Kind Words About Donald Trump From A Patriot

Trump Fires Back at ‘Dying Paper’ National Review: ‘I Guess They Want to Get a Little Publicity’

I have many followers, most are true patriots (other than the liberal trolls who frequently get blocked). From time to time I like to share the kind words some of these patriots send to me about various issues. Recently I received a message on Twitter from @fast782 about Presidential Candidate Donald Trump:

“It’s Donald Trumps Time!

America needs Trump, who is a very successful businessman that has shown his tenacious drive to accomplish his goals and endeavors. He has experience in managing and directing thousands of people throughout his business career. Unlike Obama, who came from who knows where and had done nothing before becoming the President of our great country, and who has proven that his lack of experience has divided and devastated America.

The American people bought in to his rhetoric, and elected this person that among a long list of failures has destroyed healthcare for tens of millions of Americans. He has sided with terrorist time and again without calling them terrorist and allowing them to gain a foothold in Iraq and Syria, allowing ISIS to flourish.

We need a person that can deal with terrorism, that can and will declare their position and stop the flow of refugees and seal our borders, not make illegal’s legal to expand his voter base.

It is time for a man to Make America Great Again and that man is Donald Trump…!”

Well said J.H. – I look forward to more of your wise words.