Philadelphia’s Closet Muslim Mayor Wants To Ban Donald Trump From Philly

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a Probable Closet Muslim and Pro Jihadist, want's to ban Republican Front Runner Donald Trump from Philly.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a Probable Closet Muslim, Want’s to Ban Republican Front Runner Donald Trump from Philly.

Donald Trump recently spoke at a rally in South Carolina where he told thousands of true American Patriots that he would put a temporary ban on Muslims coming in to the country until we can figure out how to vet them properly.

Liberals and Pro Radical Muslim supporters quickly went on the attack and called Trump everything from a bigot to un-American. Muslim protector Mayor Nutter went on to say things like “Certainly if I had the power to do so, the only banning that should be done is that of that person not being allowed in the city of Philadelphia. We have no place for that kind of ignorance and tolerance and lack of understanding of what our country is about”

Allow me to break this down: Nutter is saying that we should not take any action to protect Americans from the Muslim Ideology. We should let all Muslims in so they can attack and kill us. He referred to Trump as “vile and ignorant” and claimed he is taking “a page from the playbook of Hitler”.

Hitler was trying to exterminate an entire race of people. Donald Trump is trying to protect and entire nation from very, very bad people that hate us and have proven time and time again that they are here, they are able and they are willing to attack us.

But let’s not offend anyone, we certainly wouldn’t want to hurt Mayor Nutters ISIS recruitment tactics.

Mayor Nutter, American’s Don’t Forget.

Here is an example of his hatred for Americans and his Love for Muslims:

In other words He will protect all Muslims from the evil American Patriots.

Mayer Nutter is obviously not qualified to be Mayor, I doubt he is qualified to work at McDonalds.